Welcome To The Mauisun's Small Business Resource Community

I will be adding lots of resources and sites to go for help in the coming months. For now, use the link below to go to the small business community on the discussion board. An excellent forum for live discussions on how to create a small business or how to get help with the small business you have. In the coming months, I will be adding links here to many resources for both minority owned and regular start-up businesses, where to go to get financing and who to turn to for help. So drop back in here periodically to look for new help and advice. And make sure you drop into the small business forum on the live discussion board today! A must see if you want your own business!

Go Here For The Small Business Forum

Here Are Some Links To Help Get You Started

1) National Business Association

2) Home Office Association Of America

3) HomeBased Business Advisors HomePage

4) Small Business Survival Committee

5) The International Entrepreneur Association Small Business Resource Center

6) National Small Business Association Home Page

7) SCORE - Service Corps Of Retired Executives(ONE OF THE BEST!)