web page java and script codes

These codes are for adding all kinds of neat things to your web page. each code will have an explanation as to what it does. Just click on the link and view the page...If you like the code then right click on the page and click view source. then just save all and copy it to a new text file and recopy it onto your web page. If you have any trouble feel free to ask for help we have an entire discussion board to help you out. These links are solid so Drop an email to say thanks......enjoy!......mauisun.....

Browser Color Picker



 Great program for picking the code for any color you want on a text section or background or whatever..it has a color box and you just click on it and it gives you the code to enter to create that color.

 Browser Redirect


(java) 702 bytes

 Great program for picking which browser a person is using and will redirect them to which kind of browser compatible page you want them to see.

 Countdown to Date


(java) 370 bytes

 Count down the days 'til your birthday, the year 2000, or when you plan to start saving money.

 Flying Text Around A Logo


(java) 4.98k

 This text I use on my main page. I puts a neat drop down logo and "flys" 4 links around it. You can make the links any way you want and name them anything you want..a very versatile script code. Takes a little work but well worth it.

 Mouse Rollover


(java) 1.68k

 This script converts an image when the user places the mouse pointer over the image. Use different images or text and watch it change as the mouse rolls over it.

 Navigation Pop- Up



  Make it easy for your visitors to navigate through your site. Creates a small dropdown box that you can put links in. They click on the down arrow and your links or whatever is listed then they can click on the new link.

 Picture Slide Show


(java) 1.80k

 Put up to nine images on one page without taking up a lot of space — create your own slide show! People visiting your site can just press a forward or back button on a box to view all your photos!

 Todays Date


(java) 661 bytes

 A very simple java script that just puts todays date on your page..changes itself every day..great for friends who are kinda forgetful!




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