The rules are fairly simple around here, try not to be a jerk and treat others as you want to be treated in return. All of the software that can be found all over this site is not stored on my hosts servers so if you have a problem with it, they can't help you. Feel free to contact me in person at my email address. I feel that if someone likes a program and uses it for more then 30 days, by all means pay the creator for it. These software writers work hard to come out with a product that you use and enjoy so please, if you use it, pay them for it. Everything I use, both in personal life and business is paid for. Sometimes I try stuff a little past the normal 30 day trial, but that is because some of this stuff is complicated and needs to be tested a bit more before I plunk down hard money to buy it. This site is a family operation, thre is no swearing, porno or idiots here. Just a cool learning environment where people can come together and give and get help in all forms.

If you are a software developer and have a problem with something on this site, contact me, not my host, they can't help you at all. I have no problem honoring removal requests from any software developer requesting such.

There are many pertinent internet laws that cover the practices in plcae on this site, feel free to research any and all of them before making demands of me.